Primal Radio

Hosted by:

Bond McGillivray


  • Electronic

Main Genres: EDM, Rave, House, Future …

Primal Radio showcases a medley of electronic genres that strives to capture a wide variety of styles and interests. The main themes of Primal Radio tend to switch off every week from bringing the heat with hard, energetic bass music, to chilling out with fresh tracks. Just about everything electronic finds its way onto the show eventually, often aiming to represent underappreciated or underground genres and artists. Another focus of the show is on the rave scene and rave music, including old school styles and early drum and bass, dub, jungle, and even breakbeat. Primal Radio attempts to bring the best electronic music into the WDCE roster. Expect to hear the good stuff you’ve never heard, and don’t be afraid to bust out the glowsticks every Friday to kick off your night!


If you like what I do, or want me to promote any Richmond underground rave / edm events, or just want to talk about something you heard on the show, you can email me at; I’d love to chat!

Primal Radio showcases a lot of bass-intensive music across genres. To achieve the best listening experience, use a large speaker setup or bass-heavy headphones, if possible.

Show Time

  • Friday - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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