The Sweetest Sounds You’ve Never Heard

Hosted by:

Jim Desborough and Jeff McDonald


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Genres: Pop/Blues/R&B/Western/World

Co-Hosted by Jeff McDonald and Jim Desborough, this show has been on the air since October 2008. Our goal is to introduce  listeners to music they may not have ever heard before. There is no focus genre format but the “fallback” genres of choice reflect the primary interests of the Co-Hosts.  For Jim, that means  Blues and R&B. For Jeff, that means early reggae and rocksteady. With all that said, it’s just as likely that we develop a theme which may run from “Honkeytonk” to “songs about numbers” in order to introduce listeners to classic and rare or obscure artists and tracks that they would not otherwise be exposed to.

Show Time

  • Monday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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